RocMOS Hangzhou Metro No. 1 Line Project Structure Deformation Monitoring

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Application background:

Urban rail transit has entered a period of rapid development in our countryin recent years. Many subways in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan and other citieshave been put into operationat present and the subways in Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanchang, Chongqing and other places are in the processof construction. There are more than another 10 cities having applied for the construction of the subways. With the rapid development of the subways in various places, the subway construction accidents sounded frequently the alarm for safe production.

Subway construction accidents shockedoften the people. The reasons may vary, such as geology, survey, design, construction, election etc. The negligence of every aspect is likely leading to accidents, but one thing is certain, the accident shows the lack of construction safety monitoring technology and means, as well as the lack of construction safety management and supervision degree. The high-tech and high-risk subway construction do need a strong safety awareness, thorough safety management and strict safety supervision. The subway project is largely a project testing the safety management. Frequent collapse accidents are not just technical mistakes, but also mean the collapse of safety awareness. Subway construction safety monitoring is extremely urgent.

In order to know at anytime the state of the subway construction, alarm early on the emergency cases, guarantee the safety and social stability of the subway construction, Beijing ROCTECTechnology Co., Ltd. developed total station deformation monitoring system, one of RocMOS series products. The system breaks though many limits of the traditional manual monitoring methods in the settlement deformation of the subway structures. The time of the traditional monitoring is long; monitoring period and frequency are limited. The test report cycle after the end of the measurement is longand other limits. The new system adopts modern electro-optical technology, network communication technology, automation and control technology and database technology, is an automatic unattended all weather deformation monitoring system.


Brief introduction of RocMOS total station deformation monitoring system:

As one software of RocMOS 3D deformation monitoring series developed byROCTEC Technology, total station deformation monitoring system is a modern monitoring system,  integrating GNSS, TPS, inclination sensor, a variety of meteorological sensors and geological sensors and other sensors.

It can realize remote control and configuration by the computer, with automatic alarm and sending message, automatic emergency processing and visualizing in accordance with established procedures, digital analysis results, and 24 hours uninterrupted operation.

RocMOS software is mainly for data collection; automatic calculation of the deformation results, real-time display of the current measurement information; customizing measurement, calculation and tolerance monitoring to detect a variety of working conditions; realizing the data transmittance between the server and terminal monitoring system; graphical and digital display of the measurement data result; data editing and automatic post-processing; customizing graphic formats, customizing the format of the report; outputtingthe data in a variety of compatible formats.

Topcon measuring robot and RocMOS used in Hangzhou SubwayDeformation Monitoring:

The project is located in XiashaGaosha Technology Development Zone of Hangzhou. The land is adjacent to Jinsha Lake, a vacant field in the north, Danan Road in the west, Shangsha Road in the east, Jinsha Avenue in the south. The entire site is approximate a rectangle in 110m X 250m. 3 to 4 basements are designed overall the site. The foundation pit excavation depth is 15 meters to 18.55 meters.

The site monitoring scope includes 2 times of pit excavation depth. Its surrounding environment is mainly two subway tunnels under Jiusha Avenue in the south, No. 1 Exit and No.1 Air Pavilion of Subway XiashaCenter Station. The depth of No.1 Exit and No.1 Air Pavilion is 12.36 m, in reinforced concrete structure. The foundation pit is only 7 meters from the south subway shield. The depth of subway tunnel top is 9.3 - 13.3 meters. The depth of tunnel bottom is 15.5 to 19.5 meters. The depth increases gradually from west to east. The slope is 1000:20.9. Xinye North Road in the west and Shangsha North Road in the east, as well as all types of pipelines need attention. The following figure shows the distribution diagram of monitoring points.


Three-dimensional deformation monitoring solution:

The entire system is an unattended automatic deformation monitoring system, and consists of four parts: 1. Two sets of Topcon MS05AX measuring robots; 2. several meteorological sensors and static leveling instruments; 3. several prisms to control the reference points and deformation monitoring points; 4. Field and office control systems --- monitoring software and IT equipment.

System operating modes: As shown in the figure above, two MS05AX robots are located respectively at the subway stations. The prisms are embedded respectively on both sides of the rail, one prism every 6m, extended to 200 meters. After backsight orientation, study respectively these monitoring points, and then start the first phase of the automatic measurement. The data in the first phase of measurement is used as reference data. Compare the post-data with the data of the first period and show the settlement situation of each point. The following picture is the monitoring site map.                        

The system is connected additionally with digital meteorological monitoring stations for real-time collection of the meteorological environment data in the area, so as to correct in real-time the measured values.The actual environment of the working site is good. 220V main power plus UPS can guarantee uninterruptible power supply at the site. GPRScommunication is used in the site control room for remote monitoring.

Total station monitoring station and the datum control point are the original basis of entire system. The point must be fixed at a stable and reliable place, to prevent the deformation of the point. There shall no big interferences around, in case the point is damaged. Furthermore, the shape of the entire monitoring network must be scientific and graph structure shall be proper. Finally, the monitoring stations and the datum points of entire monitoring network shall go through level adjustment.

After a period of monitoring, the total station RocMOS deformation monitoring system generates a displacement table of the monitoring points in this period of time. When the monitoring points are over the limit, the system will send automatically alarm information in form of short message or e-mail.


Superiority of RocMOS in subway monitoring applications

Topcon MS05AX measuring robot and RocMOS total station deformation monitoring system used in Jinsha Lake Station deformation monitoring project of Hangzhou Subway No.1 Line, couldrealize automatic 7 X 24 hours unattended monitoring. The robot or monitoring software RocMOS had shown superior quality during the measurement.